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Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC)

AACreATively Communicating specializes in providing speech-language therapy services to individuals with complex communication needs.  Our clinicians are highly skilled in providing intervention with a focus on communication through AAC.  

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When Can We Start?


We work with infants, toddlers, school-age, transition-age, and adults with developmental disabilities with complex communication needs.  There's no reason to "wait and see," AAC can support language development so your child's language can continue to grow as they develop oral speech.

Speech-Language Therapy with AAC

We believe that communication is a basic human right.  Our team of speech-language pathologists are highly skilled and provide quality, evidence-based intervention.  We specialize in working with individuals across the lifespan who have developmental disabilities.  


If there is a gap between your child's receptive language (understanding) and expressive language (output), they may benefit from AAC! 

Learning is Lifelong!


We recognize that learning doesn't end when students graduate high school.  Our SLPs work with transition-aged and adult clients with complex communication needs who use or would benefit from AAC to support and enhance communication. 


Providing in-home, school, and community based services in the DMV.

Montgomery County, Prince George's  County,

Washington DC, and Northern VA

*Tele-therapy services also available*

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