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Meet the Team

Our cause is to innovate therapeutic and education  practices so that all individualsregardless of disability, can learn to read, write, and communicate. 

Meet Amanda

Amanda Soper (she/her) is a speech-language pathologist (SLP) and

teacher of the visually impaired (TVI) based in Washington, DC. Amanda

launched AACreATively Communicating because she is fiercely passionate

about changing mindsets and attitudes about education for individuals

with complex communication needs.  Her just cause is to innovate therapeutic and education practices so that all students, regardless of disability, can learn to read, write, and communicate.  

Amanda works directly with individuals with complex communication needs, their families, communities, and education teams.  She believes best practices for literacy and language development apply to all individuals and she strives to create materials and provide supports that align with these practices.  Amanda enjoys spending time creating new workshops and intervention materials.  She loves to see the progress her clients make with their literacy and communication skills in addition to seeing other practitioners implement solutions they have learned in her workshops and seminars.  

In her practice, Amanda works to promote language such as “high support needs” and “low support needs” to replace “low functioning” and “high functioning” as terms people use to describe individuals’ abilities.  Shifting attitudes and changing mindsets is the goal of AACreATively Communicating LLC.  


B.S., Loyola University Maryland, Communication Disorders & Spanish

M.S., Loyola University Maryland, Speech-Language Pathology 

M.S., Salus University, Blindness and Low Vision Studies

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