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Our cause is to innovate therapeutic and education practices so that all individuals, regardless of disability, can learn to read, write, and communicate. 

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Providing in-home, school, and community based services in the DMV.

Montgomery County, Prince George's  County,

Washington DC, and Northern VA

*Tele-therapy services also available*

"Our son, Finn, has Down syndrome, Autism, and Cerebral Vision Impairment.  Finn struggles to connect and communicate even basic needs - verbally or with his AAC device.  Amanda's combination of structure, humor, and respect make Finn so motivated that he shares thoughts and feelings we had no idea he could identify.  Amanda's belief in Finn's potential as a speaker, reader, and writer is constantly evident.  She believes has something important to say and it motivates him to do the hard work he has to do to communicate.  Our family has been so lucky to get to work with Amanda!" - Finn's mom 

Speech-Language Therapy

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